2023 has been a year focused on relationship-building with First Nations, closing on private land purchases, and meeting with community leaders in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley. These gains have strengthened our relationship with First Nations and advanced our application with the provincial government as we now head into a competitive review and bid process.

Competitive Review Process

The provincial government has communicated to BVMR and the competing Cascade Skyline Gondola its intention to run a competitive review process for both projects. This process should ensure that a procedurally fair and robust decision can be made under the criteria outlined in the Lands Act. An “apples to apples” comparison, evaluating the “highest and best use” as stipulate in the Crown Lands Acquisition Policy, is highly favourable for our project. We believe, the BVMR concept surpasses any other tourism project currently proposed in Canada in terms of economic benefits, environmental protection and Indigenous partnerships.

Expect to see good news in 2024 about our progress!

Local Government

We support the Fraser Valley Regional District’s requests to the provincial government asking it to select a sole proponent for the Bridal Falls Area, use a consensus-based model for First Nations approvals, and work with the Regional District in planning out the associated lands in FVRD Electoral Areas D and E.

In the Community

We continue to invest in the community both socially and financially. We have closed on more land purchases and have been key sponsors of several charitable and community events, including:

• Chilliwack Rotary Christmas Parade;
• Professional badminton exhibition;
• Sto:lo Nation Charity Golf Tournament.

We meet with local business and community leaders in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley on a weekly basis. We are in this for the long haul and continue to support our local community!

First Nations

BVMR met with 12 First Nations in 2023, several of which have engaged in Capacity Funding Agreements to better understand the proposed All-Season Resort so they can make an informed decision on our project. First Nations are working with the Province to incorporate “Consensus- Based Decision Making” into the approval process for projects within First Nations traditional territories, such as the BVMR project. We have written to the Government to fully support this process. We acknowledge and appreciate that the BVMR project is to be located in an area which contains multiple First Nations interests and expect the consensus-based model will address concerns while gaining the necessary support to move a major project forward.

The aims of our ongoing discussions with local First Nations include:

• full equity partnership;
• protection of culturally sensitive sites;
• joint decision making; and
• First Nations-led land planning and management.

It is BVMR’s goal to be the first All-Season Mountain Resort to be jointly owned, designed, and managed by First Nations.

Industry Support

BVMR has been invited to Europe in February 2024 to visit several ski-resorts and meet with one of the largest gondola/lift manufacturers in the world. We have been actively engaged with this manufacturer for nearly two years and we look forward to meeting in-person in the Alps! Selecting a quality vendor is essential to the project and the vendor we are working with has some of the most innovative offerings in the world. We can’t wait to visit the Alps!

BVMR is under NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) with several Fortune 500 companies that are looking to partner with us. Some of the world’s largest companies understand BVMR’s offering will create a truly unique and world-class experience. They want to be part of it!

We Want to Hear From You!

BVMR continues to engage with everyone in the community, so much so that we developed our own interview app. Comments have been extremely positive, and we are looking to complete 500 more interviews in 2024. So far, we have learned the following items are of the highest importance for local residents:

• Residents want to access the exceptional outdoor offerings that BVMR will provide. The access to the alpine using two gondolas appealed to users wanting to hike, bike, ski, snowboard and snowshoe.
• Increased accessibility for all ages, including those with disabilities, rates very high.

First Nations Partnerships
• Residents are incredibly receptive to the vision of having local First Nations being full partners of the proposed resort and decisionmakers/stewards of the resort lands.

Affordable Recreation for Families
• Other destination resorts such as Whistler have catered to the rich and famous at the expense of locals. It is no longer affordable for most British Columbians to frequent this resort.
• Given BVMR’s proximity to over 2 million Lower Mainland residents, BVMR can provide affordable recreation for locals, while bringing international visitors to boost the local economy

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort acknowledges our proposed project is located in S’ólh Téméxw, the traditional and unceded lands of the Stó:lō people since time immemorial.

We look forward to keeping you informed throughout 2024.

Happy Holidays and Joyful New Year!