Like the Cascade Skyline Gondola project, BVMR would require extensive planning and detailed studies, as well as approvals from the Province, the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) and the City of Chilliwack before it can move forward. B.C.’s All-Seasons Resort application process is a complex and comprehensive multi-stage process that typically takes years to complete. At this time, the Bridal Veil Mountain Resort Expression of Interest is being evaluated by BC’s Mountain Resorts Branch. As part of that evaluation process, the Branch has collected feedback from First Nations, provincial agencies and stakeholders. If approved, the next step in the application process would be the submission of a much more detailed Formal Proposal. For more information, visit the Province of B.C.’s All-Seasons Resort application process website.

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort has the potential to become one of BC’s premiere destination all-season resorts and a major, year-round economic and tourism driver for the Stó:lō Communities, the local communities, the Fraser Valley and the Province. By drawing thousands of overnight and multi-day visitors to the Fraser Valley, BVMR would generate significant local spending for travel, accommodation, dining/culinary, tourism, retail, arts and culture. Just as the golfing community is drawn to areas that offer multiple diverse courses, we expect BVMR will attract thousands of British Columbians and out-of-province and international visitors (skiers, bikers, hikers, etc.) looking to experience other Fraser Valley attractions, including other mountain resorts like Sasquatch and Manning Park.

  • Stó:lō cultural, traditional, and land stewardship values will be the foundation of all BVMR planning.
  • BVMR will undergo rigorous environmental reviews that meet or exceed Stó:lō and Provincial standards. Additionally, BVMR will be required to complete an Environmental Assessment by the Environmental Assessment Office, and an Environmental Mitigation Plan, with best management practices jointly developed with the Stó:lō Communities.
  • With BVMR, Stó:lō will have Exclusive Use and the rights to manage, control, and regulate the 11,500-acre resort tenure area, and no third-party industrial or commercial use will be permitted on the site.
  • The final, provincially approved Master Plan for the BVMR/Stó:lō project, would obligate BVMR/Stó:lō to provide full environmental and land protection, and empower them to manage the land to ensure its environmental protection.Stó:lō will have complete authority to protect environmental values and all cultural, traditional, spiritual sites, special places, and traditional activities.

Regarding traffic, exit points off the highway, and existing or new access roads to the valley village, these issues would be studied as part of detailed traffic impact studies that would be completed as part of the Formal Proposal and Master Plan stages of the proposed project’s application process, should the project be invited to proceed. Rest assured the project is fully committed to exploring all options to minimize traffic impacts. BVMR will work closely with the City of Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley Regional District, the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and all Stó:lō Communities, to ensure we meet or exceed all applicable traffic, cycling, and pedestrian safety standards.

BVMR recognizes the critical importance of accommodating diverse user groups within the context of proper environmental oversight and, most importantly, full protection of the Stó:lō lands in accordance with Stó:lō land stewardship values. Regarding public access, should the project be invited to proceed to the next stage of the application process (Formal Proposal), we would seek to draft a preliminary Backcountry Access Management Plan developed collaboratively with public user groups, including the offroad community. BVMR and Stó:lō Communities will jointly develop the BVMR project to the highest environmental and sustainability standards, applying Stó:lō cultural, traditional, and land stewardship values. Should the proposed Bridal Veil Mountain Resort proceed to the next stage in the application process, any decisions, including those related to public access, will be jointly determined in collaboration with our Stó:lō Community partners.

Yes, the proposed Bridal Veil Mountain Resort will be much more than a winter destination. BVMR will be an all-season mountain resort offering a wide range of affordable, family-friendly recreational, cultural, and tourism activities year-round. In summer, BVMR is expected to offer lift-serviced downhill mountain biking, cross-country mountain biking, hiking, camping, zip lines, aerial adventure park, Indigenous cultural activities, and sightseeing. In winter, BVMR is expected to offer downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, backcountry touring, skating, snowshoeing, tubing, Indigenous cultural activities, and sightseeing. Should the proposed project proceed, decisions regarding activities and attractions at BVMR will be jointly determined in collaboration with our Stó:lō Community partners.

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort will be a four-season resort, offering world-class recreation 12 months of the year – skiing and snowboarding will be the core of the winter season experience. While detailed winter climate studies remain to be completed, records show that the area’s natural snowfall can support a full ski season, and temperatures are suitable for snowmaking. It’s anticipated the ski season could run from December to April.

For nearly two years, the BVMR team has carried out a broad consultation process with Stó:lō Communities and Leadership, aimed at having collaborative, respectful and meaningful discussions. As of July 2022, we are actively involved in the very early stages of Community consultation and engagement with 20 Stó:lō Communities. Those consultations are being conducted in full accordance with all Stó:lō community consultation protocols. Our goal is to be the first four season mountain resort in Canada to be jointly planned, developed, owned, and operated in a full partnership with local participating First Nations Communities. Should it proceed, Bridal Veil Mountain Resort would provide Stó:lō with exclusive rights to manage, control, and regulate an 11,500-acre resort site that would be jointly designed, developed, and owned by Stó:lō in partnership with BVMR Ltd., fully in accordance with Stó:lō environmental, traditional and cultural values and land stewardship principles.

For more information about our core principles and our ongoing Indigenous consultation, please visit

The proposed Bridal Veil Mountain Resort is located in S’ólh Téméxw, the traditional lands of the Stó:lō People, who have occupied these lands since time immemorial, and never ceded or surrendered the lands. The Land maps and materials provided to BVMR by the People of the River Referrals Office (PRRO) show that these lands include the overlapping and shared traditional lands and territories of many Stó:lō Communities and Stó:lō Tribal Groups. These are complex land and historic issues, that can only be addressed with Stó:lō-led solutions.

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort is currently being led by a Fraser Valley-based ownership team with experience in resort developments. Our highest priorities are the meaningful participation by the Stó:lō Communities, implementing First Nations land stewardship values, and having the Stó:lō Communities as joint managers and full equity owners in this all-season resort concept. Should the proposed project proceed to the next stage in the application process, all decisions will be jointly determined in full collaboration with our Stó:lō Community partners.