Among our project’s highest priorities are the meaningful participation by the Stó:lō Communities, the integration of First Nations land stewardship values, and exploring this resort concept and joint equity ownership and management with the Stó:lō Communities. As part of the Mountain Resort Branch’s EOI review process, MRB has distributed a referral package to local First Nations and local government to collect their feedback about the two projects proposed for this area. The meaningful participation of local First Nations will be a critical component of each phase of the Province’s project review process.

The resort development application process is a three-phase process that includes (1) the description of the project vision known as the Expression of Interest, (2) the generation of a Formal Proposal, and (3) the creation of a Master Plan. Each phase provides provincial ministries and agencies, the federal government, First Nations, local governments and local stakeholders with opportunities to provide input on application requirements and decisions.

  1. Expression of Interest
    The general location, project vision, projected market, and key aspects of the proposed resort at a high level.
  2. Formal Proposal
    Greater detail on the proposed resort concept, its potential environmental, cultural, social, and economic impacts and benefits, and overall feasibility of the project.
  3. Master Plan
    A complete and fully detailed resort concept, supported by a detailed environmental audit and mitigation plan, archaeological assessments, market and economic analysis, and infrastructure, servicing, and management plans.

For more information about the application processAll Season Resorts Guidelines, and requirements for Expressions of Interest, Formal Proposals, Master Plans, please visit the Mountain Resorts Branch website.