The two projects are very different, with Bridal Veil Mountain Resort providing numerous advantages over the smaller gondola project. Bridal Veil Mountain Resort’s superior benefits and opportunities include:

  • Two sightseeing gondolas compared to one.
  • A ski hill and two villages with a variety of accommodation, retail, restaurants, cultural attractions and amenities.
  • A more diverse range of spectacular recreation terrain and scenery.
  • Significantly more local jobs in a wider range of industry sectors and service areas.
  • BVMR is destination resort catering to day-use and overnight visitors, compared to simply a day-use facility.
  • The opportunity to provide an extensive range of experiences that are adaptable to an expanding market and evolving industry trends.
  • A more diverse range of recreation facilities and attractions.
  • More potential opportunities for the meaningful participation of local First Nation Communities.
  • An ability to be an easily phased-in and well-balanced development, that can be gradually established in response to market demand.
  • More opportunities to cater to local, regional, and destination visitor needs and expectations
  • More opportunities for career-oriented jobs that are year-round.
  • More career training opportunities.
  • Significantly more tax revenue for Chilliwack, the region and the Province, including local hotel tax revenue for Chilliwack.

For an overview of the differences between the two projects, please see the BVMR vs. CSGP comparison document.

No. A single sightseeing gondola project has been proposed nearby. That project however has not been approved. It is currently in the application process, as per B.C.’s Adventure Tourism Policy. B.C.’s Mountain Resorts Branch is currently conducting a review process, comparing our Bridal Veil Mountain Resort project with the other proposed project to determine highest and best use, economically, socially, environmentally and culturally.  Only one project will be selected to proceed.  We believe that ours is the superior project.

The preliminary concept for BVMR (prior to input from local First Nations, the Province and local government) is as follows:

  • An all-season mountain resort and recreation facilities that cater to guests of all ages, interests and abilities.
  • At the base, you would have Valley Base Village with potential features like a resort centre, staging facilities, parking, hotels, restaurants, cafes, retail, rental, grocery store, and resort residential accommodation.
  • From there, two sightseeing gondolas would rise 1,480m and 1,200m respectively, offering stunning views of the Fraser Valley and Cascade Mountain Range.
  • The gondolas would take you to two viewpoints, including a car-free Alpine Village that would feature ski-in/ski-out, bike-in bike-out hotels, lodges, restaurants, bistros, retail, galleries, spas, resort residential accommodation, and Indigenous cultural attractions that would be developed in consultation with the Stó:lō.
  • From the top of the gondolas, guests would have access to 11,500 acres of terrain for a wide range of activities throughout the year.

No. This project features a new team, a new vision, an expanded variety of activities and experiences, and significantly more opportunities to benefit local First Nations, local communities and the province.

A mountain resort operator will typically be sourced later in the project proposal process. Currently, our team includes Whistler-based Brent Harley and Associates (BHA), one of the world’s most experienced and respected mountain resort planning and design firms. For more about BHA’s experience on mountain resort projects around the world, please visit their website at

Our team also includes RRC Associates, a Boulder, Colorado-based research and analysis firm with nearly 40 years’ experience serving high-profile clients in the travel, tourism and ski industry sectors. For more information, visit their website at

At this early stage, it is too early to select a mountain resort operator. With the involvement of the Stó:lō Communities, we are confident that, should the project proceed, the mountain’s spectacular terrain and resort’s incredible potential will ensure we are able to secure the services of a world-leading mountain resort operator.

This location was selected for several reasons:

  • Climate: BVMR’s location offers significant natural snowfall in winter, with temperatures also suitable for snowmaking. In summer, the weather is typically cool and dry.
  • Market: There is a large, underserved, and growing winter and summer sports and recreation market in the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland, and Pacific Northwest that is perfectly suited to enable BVMR to not only be successful but complement other destination and recreation in the region and Province.
  • Terrain: The proposed site offers a great opportunity for the establishment of a world-class, high-quality, well-balanced, skiing, mountain biking, and sightseeing resort experience. We have also ensured the proposed area is significant distance away from Mt. Cheam.
  • Transportation: The proposed BVMR site is easily accessed from the TransCanada Highway, two nearby international airports and several Canada-US border crossings.
  • Views: BVMR would offer spectacular views of the Fraser Valley and Cascade Mountain Range.

Bridal Veil Mountain Resort will be located in the Upper Fraser Valley on the eastern edge of Chilliwack, on the highlands immediately south of the Fraser River. We acknowledge that we and the proposed Bridal Veil Mountain Resort project are located in S’ólh Téméxw, the traditional and unceded lands of the Stó:lō people, since time immemorial.