We believe the proposed Bridal Veil Mountain Resort will provide significant benefits and opportunities for the region and the province, including:

  • Jobs and training: From planning and construction, to operation, BVMR will generate thousands of training, employment and career opportunities in sectors such as arts and culture, construction, hospitality, resort management, tourism, transportation and more.
  • Local project spending: The BVMR project would generate significant local spending though sourcing and procurement of materials, supply and labour for food and beverage, landscaping, building maintenance, retail, rentals, leasing and accommodations.
  • Local tourist spending: BVMR would generate significant local spending for travel, accommodation, F&B, tourism, retail, arts and culture.
  • Recreation: BVMR will provide outdoor enthusiasts with access to 11,500 acres of great terrain for many numerous winter and summer activities.
  • Tax revenue: BVMR will generate significant local hotel tax revenue for Chilliwack, and other tax revenue for Chilliwack, the region and the Province. (Annual paid taxes are expected to exceed $26 million at buildout.)
  • Tourism: BVMR would be a major new, year-round tourism driver for the region and Province, drawing thousands of additional visitors to other Fraser Valley/BC attractions.